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bruh 3 years ago
she looked more hot with the first outfit than the lingerie
3 years ago
He ate her pussy and hella niggas been in her pussy u tasted every nigga smh
Mr. Jizz 3 years ago
Angela White ... What can you say that hasn’t already been said ? Luv that smoking hot thicc body. When she started rocking her sexy hips on him, I knew she’d forever be on my short Fucit List !!!!!!!
Oh my god 4 years ago
Fuck yes yes yes
3 years ago
Who is he???
French girl 3 years ago
I want his dick i love bbc they are so sexy
Wtf 3 years ago
Are white people trying to convince us that we should fuck them and why do they put those tags? Black women?? So when they look that up they can find these vids? Nobody wants to see these mommy and daddy issues
BBC 3 years ago
I love Angela, she prefer black guys and her body is made for bbc, this is why this woman is my favorite pornstar
Eric Jackson 4 years ago
Today is a really good day isn't it I live in Jackson Mississippi
Marcel 3 years ago
She was in my 3rd grade class, who would ever know! It’s funny because I messaged her and she never responded even found the class picture and attached it. This is not her real name.