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2 years ago
Camera man gotta be gay. Half the video was on the guys face, ruined most the video.
Hornybitch 2 years ago
I need a good fucking from him the sounds he makes is so sexy
2 years ago
He ain’t got no business to be that damn fine... fucking love white dudes!
Mike 4 the ladies... 2 years ago
I'm thinking about signing up because I haven't been laid in a long time.....what do yall think.....should I sign up or not?
2 years ago
I went to school/ worked with her lmaooo
Horny 2 years ago
What is the black lady name
Sigh 1 year ago
He is so cute….
11 months ago
I love black women
Damn 10 months ago
Camera angles did a good job of making him look fucking massive when in reality he’s very lightweight. Very aesthetic physique well done. He does suck at foreplay though, he shoved it in dry and did nothing to elevate her energy
I love this 1 year ago
Bro this ads are the best!